When we have an opening

Our FAQ page is the place to start if you’re interested in a home at PDX Commons. It answers many questions you may have. When we have a home for sale at PDX Commons, it is offered first to the HOA (community), current owners, and Wait List members before it can go on the open market. To have the best chance of bidding on an available unit, it helps to be on our Wait List. You can request to be added to the list by using the form on our Contact page. Otherwise, you can simply check the website periodically and/or subscribe to our newsletter via the contact form.

Once a home is available on the open market, interested parties may contact the broker (if the seller has hired one) or the seller directly, if no broker is involved. See the home description for details.

Due to COVID-19, we don’t currently hold open houses for the general public, but we will give in-person tours by appointment for serious prospective buyers. Meanwhile, you can take a virtual tour and review important documents via the links in the left menu bar on this page .

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