Strength in Community


“For many of us, these are anxious times. The times they are a’changin’ in ways that affect the core values we have come to cherish. Now more than ever, living in a collaborative intentional community of like-minded, compassionate adults is a positive action we can choose. We share values of respect, inclusion, tolerance and peace. What better solution to our anxieties than to be around other joyous, optimistic, proactive people. That’s us. That’s PDX Commons.” – PDX Commons member.


PDX Commoners in front of Great House, Oct. 21, 2016

We have formed a community built on the principles of cohousing: private residences with lots of shared facilities for times when you are feeling social or need camaraderie. Working with a development team and general contractor, we are building the community ourselves. We are the developers; we are the owners.

PDX Commons cohousing
Nina Nielson shows off her new home – unit 201 – during a recent building tour.

We make decisions using a consensus model. This tries to make everyone a winner. We are building a beautiful facility with access to transit, parks, shops, restaurants and grocery stores. We are living sustainably with a commitment to decreasing our footprint on the planet.

Want a deeper dive?  Here are some links to information on our site:

What is cohousing?

What will the building look like?

Are there homes available?

PDX Commons is not an investment opportunity. There are no opportunities for profit. Those who later become full members make loans to the community to pay for the costs of planning, designing, engineering and acquiring property for their new home. All loaned funds are completely at risk. Upon completion of the building, the funds contributed may count as down payments on the purchase price of a home. All members are fully part of the management team for the community. We do not pay any of our members for their efforts on behalf of the community. Community decisions are made by all full members using a consensus process. There is no passive participation. 

PDX Commons will be a designated 55+ community under the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) in accordance with CFR § 100.304.