We are now a point in our growth where we have more active Associate Members than we have units to claim.  So we will be starting a Wait List for those Associate Members who don’t see a unit in the current inventory that works for them (either because of design or availability), but who still have a high interest in joining our community.

We are more than a year from move-in and we know from experience that things change.  Some currently claimed units may become available during that time.  Those Associates wanting to join the Wait List must (1) serve their 60-days as an Associate Member, and after that (2) complete all the requirements for Full Membership (except paying the $7250 fee), including filling out forms, doing interviews with Membership and Finance, and be recommended by members.  Priority position on the Wait List will be kept based on the date that a Full Member applications is judged as complete.

Here’s how the wait list will work. When a unit becomes newly available, the details of the unit and estimated price is sent to the Wait List. If anyone wants the unit they have 3 days to make their choice known.  In case of conflicting claims, the member with highest Wait List priority prevails. That household then has a limited amount of time (72 hours) to pay their Full Member fee ($7250) and then 3 weeks to match or finance the cash calls that all the Full members have paid to date (currently about 20.0% of their unit estimated price).  Payment plans for the cash calls may be negotiated with the Finance Committee. If payment plan terms aren’t met, the selected unit is forfeited.

We hope to maintain a strong and robust Wait List to assure the sustainability for our community.


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