Development Team

Consultants: For cohousing, Kathryn McCamant of Cohousing Solutions. “Katie” has assisted some 50 cohousing projects in North America is also co-author of the book that launched it all in the U.S., Creating Cohousing.

Creating Cohousing

Developer: We are proud to have partnered with Eric Cress and Avi Ben-Zaken of Urban Development + Partners (UD+P) for development and construction of our project. An award-winning Portland development company, UD+P is totally committed to the cohousing concept. Its principals have attended cohousing workshops in California and Oregon. They are well known as a local developer of multi-family projects. Here are a few examples of their work. UD+P sold us the property for our building.

Architects: PDX Commons contracted with local architects Works Progress Architecture (W.PA) to design our cohousing project. Principals Carrie Strickland and Bill Neburka have been working directly with our Design and Development Committees to address the unique needs of an intentional community. Using a series of collaborative workshops with our members, W.PA has worked on site planning, building massing, common area design and private space design. Here are some samples of their work  on other projects. (Note: click on the various “building blocks” to see finished product.)

We are very excited to have this creative, progressive firm on the PDX Commons team.

Builders:  We selected J.R. Abbott Construction as a general contractor on the project. Abbott has been a general contractor based in Seattle since 1983, with offices and many projects in Oregon. Abbott helped “value-engineer” the project to assure that we use cost-effective construction design and building techniques. In such a busy construction environment, we are delighted to have signed on with Abbott as a high-quality, experienced builder. Here is a project typical of Abbott’s portfolio.




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