Common Space Interiors Proposed

PDX Commons members were thrilled Sunday night with the presentation by Jenny Guggenheim, an award winning interior designer, who showed off initial ideas in the schematic design for common spaces, including first floor living room and second floor Great House.

PDX Commons Cohousing Design
Great House dining area with sound absorbing wall system under fir glulam beams. Courtesy: Guggenheim Architecture & Design Studios
PDX Commons Cohousing
Common LIving Room schematic design – Guggenheim Architecture and Design Studio

NY Times Stalking Portland – Again

NYTWe are getting a little paranoid here in Portland as, once again, the New York Times reveals it has been conducting a persistent stalking campaign.  This time the fan-boy review is accompanied by a fawning video.  People – wake up! – we got a lot of warts, too.

NYT:  “There is no place in the country better known as a bastion of good living, leisure and happy inebriation than Oregon’s largest little city, the low-lying mini-metropolis of Portland. Bisected by a river and surrounded by peaks, Portland is nothing if not a very pretty and almost preternaturally pleasant town. But much of its appeal comes from being, for better or worse, one of our national capitals of cool. The city’s sensibility — its stylized aesthetic, its thoroughly hyped food culture, its taste for irony — is celebrated, imitated and satirized. Portland is at its best, though, when you step back from its overwrought reputation and appreciate its appetite for simple pleasures: beer and bike riding, day trips to the Columbia River or Sauvie Island’s farm stands, movies in vintage theaters and cocktails in ornate lounges.”   Etc, blah, blah, blah.