Nearing sell-out – Starting Wait List

We are making great progress adding Full Members and Associate Members to the PDX Community. In fact, today with 9 units left we have 14 households who are Active Associate members.  But we are not certain how many Associates will move ahead. So while we are progressing toward our goal of having all units spoken for, we are not there yet!  Some units of every size are still available, as shown under the “Availability” Tab.  We continue to welcome new Associate Members, and are making plans to establish a Wait List for Associate members, after all units are spoken for, because we think some turnover of members may occur at future stages of project development.  Click “here” for a detailed description of the Wait List policy.

NY Times Stalking Portland – Again

NYTWe are getting a little paranoid here in Portland as, once again, the New York Times reveals it has been conducting a persistent stalking campaign.  This time the fan-boy review is accompanied by a fawning video.  People – wake up! – we got a lot of warts, too.

NYT:  “There is no place in the country better known as a bastion of good living, leisure and happy inebriation than Oregon’s largest little city, the low-lying mini-metropolis of Portland. Bisected by a river and surrounded by peaks, Portland is nothing if not a very pretty and almost preternaturally pleasant town. But much of its appeal comes from being, for better or worse, one of our national capitals of cool. The city’s sensibility — its stylized aesthetic, its thoroughly hyped food culture, its taste for irony — is celebrated, imitated and satirized. Portland is at its best, though, when you step back from its overwrought reputation and appreciate its appetite for simple pleasures: beer and bike riding, day trips to the Columbia River or Sauvie Island’s farm stands, movies in vintage theaters and cocktails in ornate lounges.”   Etc, blah, blah, blah.

Building Permits Filed

Building permitIt is a major milestone in any development project: the filing of plans for your building permit. That day was Monday (8/10/15) for PDX Commons, as architects from Works Partnership Architecture walked a 300-page “permit set” of plans and specifications to the Bureau of Development Services in Portland.  They will review the plans and in a few months a building permit will issue, allowing construction to begin.  Here we go!


Thanks to Karen Hery, the Belle of Belmont, for the nice article about our project in the new edition of the SE Examiner, a neighborhood newspaper that reaches upwards of 25,000 residents. We look forward to seeing many people curious about the project at our coffee Saturday, August 8, 9:30am at Tabor Space, SE 54th and Belmont. If you missed it, here’s the article.

WSJ Picks Portland #1

Getty Images via Wall Street Journal

Getty Images via Wall Street Journal

It’s beginning to feel a little like we, the denizens of Portland, OR — our fair city —  are being stalked by major media.  If you hadn’t had your fill of gushing reports from the New York Times over the past year or two, now comes the Wall Street Journal with their own revealing exposé of our best kept secrets.  It is a great place to live in retirement. But don’t take my word for it:

UD+P Joins the Team

PDX Commons has selected Urban Development + Partners, UD+P, as our project developer. UD+P is a highly respected developer of multi-family housing in Portland with a ton of experience bringing in successful projects at urban Portland densities. They specialize in concrete/light steel and collaborate with client and contractors to deliver award-winning buildings.

Eric Cress, principal at UD+P.

Eric Cress, principal at UD+P.

Principal Eric Cress is excited to be developing Portland’s first adult focused cohousing project. “This is going to be a very important segment of housing construction in the near future. We see a lot of demand for this type of community and are delighted to partner with PDX Commons for this ground-breaking effort.”  LEED certification is standard with  UD+P’s buildings.




Avi Ben-Zakin, principal with UD+P

Avi Ben-Zakin, principal with UD+P

UD+P’s other principal Avi Ben-Zaken has spent a lot of time with our team to understand the unique needs of cohousing and is ready to jump in to the challenge.  UD+P will coordinate land acquisition, environmental assessments, zoning, permits, financing and construction supervision. They will play an active role in designing our units with the selected architect and our community. Here we go. This is getting serious now!

Why Portland? What’s the buzz?


Source: Wikipedia user Cacophony

Portland is getting used to being listed as one of the top cities to move to. In December as reported by KGW-TV, the real estate company Movoto listed Portland as the most popular city in the US. In January data from United Van Lines showed Portland to be the top target of the most people relocating in the US. And now comes a report from Monocle Magazine, a global quality-of-life mag, that Portland ranks in the top 25 of the best cities to live in the world.  Here is the long version of their report.  For us locals, not a lot is new. (Oooh, smugness!)