UD+P Joins the Team

PDX Commons has selected Urban Development + Partners, UD+P, as our project developer. UD+P is a highly respected developer of multi-family housing in Portland with a ton of experience bringing in successful projects at urban Portland densities. They specialize in concrete/light steel and collaborate with client and contractors to deliver award-winning buildings.

Eric Cress, principal at UD+P.
Eric Cress, principal at UD+P.

Principal Eric Cress is excited to be developing Portland’s first adult focused cohousing project. “This is going to be a very important segment of housing construction in the near future. We see a lot of demand for this type of community and are delighted to partner with PDX Commons for this ground-breaking effort.”  LEED certification is standard with  UD+P’s buildings.




Avi Ben-Zakin, principal with UD+P
Avi Ben-Zakin, principal with UD+P

UD+P’s other principal Avi Ben-Zaken has spent a lot of time with our team to understand the unique needs of cohousing and is ready to jump in to the challenge.  UD+P will coordinate land acquisition, environmental assessments, zoning, permits, financing and construction supervision. They will play an active role in designing our units with the selected architect and our community. Here we go. This is getting serious now!


Author: Jim Swenson

Promoting a rich life with caring friends on our own cohousing development.

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