Waxing Poetic

 PDX Commons member Jim Oleson was moved to poetry by his weekend experiences with the cohousing crew. Printed with his permission.

Oleson: Our Poet Laureate

At times feeling older, one just may wonder

“Where should I live now, what can be next?”
We’ve all known agers, who isolated, are all alone slipping away
Not wanting nor willing to make a life change,
In a world that’s changing most every day
You should be thriving, with good close neighbors
So much to do, one is not vexed 
PDX Commons is a community,
With active friends still thinking free
Lively people, with common interests,
Of new involvement, not isolation
Who love their own space, co-designed with elegance,
Sharing venue amenities with innovation
Whether in your four walls, or in the commons,
What meets your own needs is where to be
We’re not a commune
We own our condos,
That showcase our personal style
So in the long run, our little motto,
Seemingly simple, and almost sappy,
Tells all who know us,
With good close neighbors,
It’s still “Community Makes Us Happy”



Author: Jim Swenson

Promoting a rich life with caring friends on our own cohousing development.

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