Portland Named #1 City in America

Portland ranked #1 city in US.
Portland ranked #1 city in US.

Well, some of us think we already knew this.  But it was cool to have it confirmed by Movoto’s aggregation of best cities polls for 2013.

These Are America’s 10 Best Cities for 2013


More Introductory and Community Events coming

Thanks to the ten people who came to our December 3rd event.  Now we have more events on the way.  We’ll be doing introductory coffees for initial introduction to our plans and people.  We’ll have some community-building potlucks for people who want to get to know our growing community better. The first Introductory coffee is January 14 at New Seasons (on North Williams) at 10am.  The first potluck will be January 25 at the home of Susan Fries and Lew Bowers. See Events for locations and additional events.