Visiting other cohousing

As part of our discovery phase our members have been paying visits to other cohousing projects.  Three of our group visited Walk Creek Lodge, a community for proactive adults in Grass Valley, CA. Here’s a report from Susan Fries.


Mississippi neighborhood is cooking!

ImageCooking and brewing and selling and shopping….  Who knows about tomorrow, but today this is Portland’s hottest neighborhood.  What’s going on? From Second Thursdays to Mardi Gras to Cirque du Cycling here is a listing of food and shopping venues and events on the street a block away from our targeted cohousing site.

Architect rendition of Ecliptic Brewing’s new brewery at Mississippi and Cook.

Oh, and not to ignore one of our gang’s most commonly shared fanaticisms, legendary brewmaster John Harris, who invented such brands as Mirror Pond Pale (Deschutes) and flagship beers for McMenamins’ and Full Sail, is opening a new brewery, brewpub, restaurant across the street from our preferred site on N. Cook. Oh my, this could be dangerous!

Social living is also healthful

OK, so I am prejudice by articles from my alma mater. But here’s a pretty interesting post being-socialon the Stanford BeWell site about the physical and mental health benefits of living in a tight social network.

“We may all know that relationships with friends and family add immensely to the quality of life. But did you also know that such social ties can help us live longer? BeWell talks to Cecile Andrews, author and a former affiliated scholar with the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, about why it is healthy to forge connections to others.”  Read more…