What’s in a common house?

Common house, great house – people call them different things.  But, whatever the name, they act as a center of social activity in a cohousing project.  They serve as a space for joint meals, meetings, parties, concerts, movies, workshops, exercise classes and celebrations.

Common house kitchens are sized and equipped for group preparation of community meals.

Designs vary greatly.  They can be designed as multipurpose rooms with dividers for multiple simultaneous activities. Spaces for relaxation and conversation are provided.

Common houses have space, not only for dining, but for relaxation and conversation, as well.

A design workshop during the planning process will allow us tailor the design of the common house to our needs.

Other common facilities may include toy storage (kayaks, canoes, bicycles), repair shop, gardens, patios, outdoor dining space, spa, sauna.


Author: Jim Swenson

Promoting a rich life with caring friends on our own cohousing development.

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