Design challenges and unknowns

At this point in the process we are trying to locate a suitable site so that various design criteria can be applied.  Is 15 units the right number?  It really depends on the site and the type of structures that we settle on.  Maybe 10 units would suffice.  And if we go to 10 units maybe they can be standalone or attached dwelling units, rather than stacked flats.  Usually a developer will opt for the choice that yields maximum rental space or purchasable units.  But in our case we want to make sure the units offer privacy while assuring community interaction.  Typical buildable parcels available here are in the 30,000 sq ft category. Zoning will limit height of structures.  So if you reserved 10,000 sq ft for common areas, that leaves 20,000 net sq ft for building footprint.  You could build ten 2,000 sq ft homes. Or if one does 2-story units with “master-on-main” (master bedroom on main floor) you could conceivably build more.  Lots of fun ahead as we figure this out.


Author: Jim Swenson

Promoting a rich life with caring friends on our own cohousing development.

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